2D and 3D Animation Courses Certification and Information


India is a fast pace growing market in the field of technology. It has the finest minds and technical enthusiasts in all fields. With growing technology, there are many career options one can choose from andoffer opportunities for the right aspirant. One such career option is in the field of animation. The 3d animation classes in Pune have designedcourses to upskill the student class. Creative artists have been using traditional, stop motion and 2D techniques for animation. It has further advanced to 3D, VFX and CGI techniques of animation. Some of the best colleges and training institutes with 3d animation classes in Pune are very well known for their course curriculum.

Overview of 2D and 3D animation and qualities to be a 3d animator

2D animation: In 2D animation, the images appear in 2 dimensional which a flat and lone noticeable angle image is. There are two techniques used in 2D animation. First, the traditional hand-drawn images get projected rapidly. This creates an illusion of the images in motion. The second is the computer-generated 2D animation image using 2D software.

3D animation: 3D animation has taken over the traditional and 2D techniques of animation. The 3D animation is done using computerized techniques and 3D animation software like Max, Maya,3D s and others.

Course offerings and colleges:             

Information on courses: There are Diploma, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and certification (short term and long term) courses in 3D animation. These are the list of animation courses in India.

Bachelor degree: Bachelor degrees like BA, BSc, BFA (bachelor in fine art) cover various topics. They are animation-2D and 3D, fine arts, visual effects (VFX). The course duration is for 3 years.

Diploma Courses: A diploma is both short- and long-term courses. The course is 6 months or 12-month duration. It depends on the institute. The courses are animation (2D, 3D, VFX, CG, digital), VFX, film making, and graphic designing.

Eligibility criteria: Students after their 12th standard from any stream are eligible for 3d animation course. But there are institutes offering diploma courses for students after 10th grade.

Certified courses:A student can opt for certified courses soon after 10th grade. Certified courses are short term courses of 3-6 months duration. They are not as elaborate as a diploma course. There are some well-known places with excellent 3d animation courses in Pune.

Post-graduation or advanced courses in animation: These are MSc., MA, post-graduation Diploma (PG Diploma) or post-graduation certification courses and related field. One can also take up a Post-graduation course in the specific sub-specialized subject. For example, modelling, illustration, visual effects, 3D, texturing, graphics and game design.

Colleges and Institutes: Some of the well-known institutes and colleges offering 3d animation courses in Pune are:     

  • Arena multimedia
  • Macc
  • Frameboxx
  • Times and trends academy
  • Zee institute of creative arts
  • The P A Inamdar college of visual effects, design and arts
  • Srajan college of design
  • WLC college India
  • School of media design

The animation is becoming one of the career choices in recent years. You can choose from a wide range of 3d animation classes in Pune. It has its footprint in every field. You can see it everywhere. It has surpassed the primitive ways of the animation process. Today’s times uses a mix of sketching and software to bring the animated images alive. This industry is fast-growing and there is a demand for animators and creative minds. So, welcome to the land of endless opportunities and this is just the beginning!