7 Great Animation Exercises to Master

The proverbial, “Practice makes a man perfect” has been historically proved over time and again. No matter whatever profession one chooses, it is important that they practice the skills to perfection. Same is the case with animators. In spite of having undertaken  3D animation courses in Pune or any animation classes in Pune, one will not master his or her art until they revise the skills over and over again. Master creators of the movies like Snow White, Pinocchio, and How to Train Your Dragon were able to create amazing animations only because of their unstoppable zeal. Here, in this blog let us look at a few exercises that could develop any amateur animators into masters.

Start with simple movements

While drawing start with simple movements that can be easily drawn

  • Ball bouncing at one place
  • Ball falling from the top
  • Ball bouncing and coming towards the screen

This can help an animator to draw small and light movements in their characters

  •  Character blinking
  •  lifting hands

Move ahead with bit advanced movements

Once, simple and easy movements of characters have been completed, push yourself self to level up your drawing. Mentors at animation courses in Pune or animation classes in Pune might have often talked about pushing your game a level so that you can continue learning. The same applies here. In this level start with little complex movements like:

  • Character emotions
  • Fast movement of the body (jumping, running, laughing)
  • Deep breaths and character thinking

Again, like said before gradually advance towards complex scenarios


  • Movement of characters fists
  • Picking both heavy and light objects
  • Chewing, drinking (gulping)
  • Activities like thinking, stammering before speaking

Drawing such scenes will take a long time and would require a lot of patience. However, such scenarios would elevate the animator’s skill to focus on the details.

Continuing the above movements

Further carrying forward the scenes and sketching adjacent scenes will help animators create long, continuous or periodical videos

  • Zipping jackets
  • Climbing bus, falling
  • Character painting etc.

Start sketching complex scenes

This is where an animator should focus on creating scenes or sequence proceeding to previous scenes or even accompanying scenes. For example, an animator can practice scenes like:

  • Overlapping scenes like hiring flying while riding a bike
  • Character cooking or tasting soup while stirring it
  • Character scared of something


Here, the animator has reached close to creating his or her dream animated movie. Upon practising the above exercises,he or she will now be able to create a long video.

Developing story

Not the last, however once completing the above-mentioned exercise, an animator should be able to create an idea of his movie and start sketching for it. The scenes would now include many complex scenes like:

  •  Long scenes with more than one character
  • Sketch their interactions
  • Close up reactions and emotions

Animation classes in Pune or animation courses in Pune will teach any aspiring animator the tricks and knacks, but the responsibility of solely developing breathtaking characters lies on the shoulder of the animator. And creating masterpieces takes time and a lot of practice. The animation is not just about creating art; it is about sketching breathable emotions. Let your characters breathe, think and be alive.