Get Better Animation Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

In today’s world, the animation is an effective tool to communicate successfully and creatively. Animation is used in various industries today; it can be used in the form of infographics, presentations and so on. It can also be put to effective use in the corporate sectors in the form of PowerPoint presentations.

A good animation can make presentations engaging and appealing to the eyes. With the help of animations, you can bring hand-drawn characters to life.

There are some basic principles of animations such as clear staging, timing, squash and so on. All of these principles help in giving an identity and adding life to the characters that are created by the animators. Also being an animator, you will have to understand the psychology of the viewers. This means that if you are creating animations for children, you will have to understand what they will like and create accordingly.

You can get much better animation results when you start following the given steps.

Look around the real world for inspiration

If you are creating the facial structure of a cartoon character, you can draw inspiration from the real world. Being an animator, you can also build up characters who look like you or the people around you. Then you can give them different funny voices to make them lively. You can also make them wear clothes and animate the background in such a way that it is relatable.

Get the movements right

You will initially have to start with the psychology of the character’s movement. This means that you will not only have to understand that the character is moving but also the reason behind it. You need to invest some time to understand and improve the animated characters. With quick and crisp movements, you will be able to create highly engaging and error-free animations. It will give you clarity about the character’s life. Also, you have to look after the timings of the animation. Synchronizing movements with the speech, dialogues, and surroundings are very important. Irregular shots and scenes at the wrong time will take away the charm from an animated movie. With accurate timings, you can add more clarity to your animations. You will have to keep all of these in mind to create the right expression to break the monotony.

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Coordinate speech and movement

The speech movement and coordination is very important. The movement of the mouth should go with the dialogues that the characters say, or else the whole thing will not look good at all. Make sure that your character is not pronouncing every letter, or else that will result in a fast and confusing mouth movement.


Creating good animation is indeed a challenge; you need to keep in mind multiple factors. Signing up with the best animation courses in Pune will help you learn and master this art.