I Want to Spend this much time in 3D animation what should I do?

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is a structural process wher in the animated objects appear in a 3-dimensional space. 3D animation gives life to virtual characters and is highly used for creating exciting nerve-cracking games. The other use of 3D animation is that it is used in presentations and graphics so that flair can be added to the visuals.

What is the best use of 3D animation? 

3D animation can be used to animate characters for commercials, television programs, and movies. It helps to create unique characters, which can be used for anything to create animated ads and videos. Animated characters of 3D are used for all kind of Cartoon films which are enjoyed by people of all generations.

Best Animation courses for 3D animation in Pune

Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics offers ADEDGE 3 Plus - a course which has 25 Months of course timeline. This 3d Animation class in pune is an insight into the world of animation. The students will be trained on Maya, Autodesk, 3D fusion, Mudbox, Adobe, Audition. You can develop skills such as story writing, directing, cinematography, editing, and lighting.

Zee Institute of Creative art Pune: This is a 2-year program this program is a part-time classroom. The course is known as Diploma in Animation and Film Making.  Zicapune  you can visit this website for understanding more about admissions and fee structure.

School of media and design Diploma in VFX animation offers animation courses in Pune, which is a two-year program with a fee of 2.45 lakhs for 2 years. The animation classes at the institute offer 3D animators, paint artists, Modeling artists etc all these animation courses are mostly undergraduate programs.

PA Inamdar,  college of Visual effects offers a Diploma in 3D animation and VFX. The course fee is approx 1.48 lakhs and is a 1-year diploma for animation. For more details visit  shiksha.com.

Times & Trends Academy, based in Pune offers animation classes in Diploma in animation, it’s a one year program, and this course is approved by City of Oxford College, UK.  A candidate should be at least 12th pass to be eligible for the course program. You can either visit the official website of Times Trends Academy, or you can visit the official website of shiksha.com to compare the different institutes and the courses offered.

Animation classes or animation courses in Pune are available in both full time and part-time courses. It provides in-depth knowledge on how animation can be adopted as a suitable and creative career option.

Also, free counseling is available for students to understand which kind of animation class or animation course in Pune is best suited for their career and interest’s them the most, in addition scholarship programs are also offered by institutes to promote 3D animation as a career option which is suitable for students. With plenty of options available, check out the best places and take your first step into the world of animation.