Top 5 Most Popular 3d Animation Movies in the World

Animation in movies has been there for more than two decades. It has taken the creativity and visual impact to the zenith experience for the viewer. The animation journey has been amazing over the centuries. It has evolved in its technique, process, and creation.

The animation technology has emerged from its traditional ways to 3d animation technology. It s contribution to cinema is known to all. With the use of 3d in movies and the entertainment industry, the sky is the limit for creativity. Few of the amazing ones are tangled, frozen (part I &II), Kung Fu Panda(I, II &III), Despicable Me ( I, II & III),Frankenweenie, Adventures of Tintin (I & II), Alice in wonderland, Airbound, the Madagascar series 3 and 4 and many more. There are amazing movies made using 3d animation. Some have a lasting impression for years and might go down in the history of animation.

Let us look at the top 5 most popular 3d movies made till date.

The toy story:It is the first movie in the 3d animation technology in 1995. The experimentation use of 3d in movies started from the Toy story. Pixar takes you into Andy’s toy world leaving you completely engrossed in the story.

Gravity:The Oscar-winner Christopher Nolan-the American-British filmmaker and Alfonso Cuarón created Gravity. He used exceptional 3d animation in the science fiction movie in 2013. It talks of two astronauts stranded in space. He created a 3d experience using a groundbreaking lightbox. The audience had an experience of a lifetime dwelling into the characters.

Avtaar: The movie changed the face of 3d technology creating ripples in the film fraternity. It took the theatres by storm in 2009. The movie is brilliant in its visuals and is par excellence. The story of aliens from a faraway world, the beauty of nature, and the extraordinary 3d effect is yet to be equaled. The 3d experience is fabulous and unforgettable.

How to train your dragon: DreamWorks, for the first time, challenged Pixar with how to train a dragon. The movie is a mix of visual arts and human emotions. It narrates a tale of a rare friendship between a village boy and a dragon. The story unfolds the adventurous journey and prejudice. The 3 d effects are a visual treat in the swinging shots captured in the movie. It feels much better than an actual dragon ride.

Beowulf: The filmmakers would not have imaged the use of 3d to the level that has been used in this movie. Zemecki’s action-packed movie had some great 3d amid the life of the action hero. The 3d animation use was unimaginable until this point. The animators created 3d images to create striking spears coming right out of the screen to be real.

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