MAACINAR – Aspects of pre-production by Toonz Animation Pvt.Ltd. on 30th of January

Aspects of Pre-Production

Aspects of pre-production concentrates on the phase of further developing ideas and planning prior to the process of animation production. Pre-production artist’s works on different aspects, such as, character and background designs, colour key, storyboarding and animatics, to name but a few.

This course progresses from the ideation phase to the conceptual and design phase. The courseware will include story ideation, screenplay, character, layout, background concepts, colour key, storyboarding and animatics.

This course will take you through the actual process of pre-production that includes character and background designing, using principles of perspective for layout design and making storyboards and animatics.

Day 1

Speaker introduction and work showcase

Importance of Pre-Production & Workflow (Brief discussion on the following topics)

Introduction to character design

Principles of character design (With some practical examples as well)

Brief discussion on:

Costume and props design

Introduction to background design

Principles of background design (With some practical examples as well)

Brief discussion on:

Colour Key

Workflow of Pre-Production for 2D versus 3D animated shows


    • Story ideation (Idea or Content)
    • Character concept
    • Background & layout concept
    • Colour script
    • Anatomy
    • Posing
    • Body language
    • How anatomy can be simplified for character designing?
    • Designing characters using basic shapes
    • Perspective
    • Layout design
    • Identifying the correct design style
    • Important principles of design

Day 2

Loglines, Synopsis, Scripts, Screenplay, Thumbnails (Visual Storytelling)

Story Ideation

Screen Play

Introduction to Storyboarding (With some practical examples as well)

Introduction to Animatics

Director’s role throughout the process.

Q & A

    • Storyboarding
    • Animatics
    • Storyline brainstorming (spring boards, loglines)
    • Character ideation( characteristic and giving personality)
    • Location ideation
    • Composition of a screenplay
    • Comprehending and analysing a screenplay (as an artist)
    • How does an artist make his notes as a visualization process?
    • Importance of research based on screen play for characters and backgrounds
    • Principles of storyboarding
    • The process of making storyboards
    • Camera angles and camera movements in storyboarding
    • The 180 degree law
    • Staging and silhouette
    • Continuity and hook ups
    • What is a pre-animated board?
    • Pacing
    • Action choreography
    • Framing
    • Camera movement
    • Creating Animatics for an animated show (With some practical examples as well)
30 January, 2017