S3D - 3D Stereoscopic Film Making Course

S3D - 3D Stereoscopic Film Making Course

James Cameron’s Avatar had real actors playing the role of Na’vi tribe members instead of creating the tribe through computer generation or without the use of make-up or body paint. Also, if seen without a special pair of glasses, then all the characters and images appeared double on screen. This was achieved by a special type of 3D film making, known as stereoscopy film making.

Course overview

Stereoscopy or 3D imaging is the technique that presents two offset images on the screen, which, when viewed through a special pair of glasses, creates an illusion of depth and represents the scene as it would appear to the naked human eye. With almost every Hollywood film releasing 2D and 3D versions of a movie, 3D stereoscopy is rapidly growing and is being widely used in major films and video games.

MAAC’s S3D, a VFX course, is a career program that prepares you to become an expert in 3D stereoscopic film making. You will be trained to work with software used by the industry, which would include Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, Mocha, Adobe After Effects & more. You would also benefit from in-depth practical software training, workshops from industry experts, regular studio visits and certified trainers.

Course duration: 
6 months